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People nowadays don't store their file locally in a computer they prefer mostly to store in an file hosting site considering file availability and ease of access from anywhere. Many file hosting sites are really annoying, they pay you per download but they don’t really pay much and your users get confused and download the ads not the actual file they want to download. Here in Uploadshare, we don't have any surveys or any pop up ads that will make the downloader annoyed. We too show ads but it is really simple and easy for our users to download the file without much annoying ads.


What is Uploadshare.net?

Uploadshare.net is a free file hosting Cloud Service allows you to store, manage and share your files easily. we offer Free online storage/remote backup capacity with many uploading and downloading tools. In uploadshare.net you can host files, images, documents videos and audios on the same place.

Why use Uploadshare.net?

If you need a reliable and free file hosting cloud service then uploadshare offers solutions for you. If you want to access your file from many computers / locations and don't want to carry around a USB / Hard Drive, uploadshare is a perfect way of doing so. You can organize your files into folders, publish / unpublish them and export them. harmful files can be reported using the report file option.

Uploadshare Features

Remote URL Upload
Copy files from another uploadshare account (Public files only)
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Download Speed (Premium only)
Download-Accelerators support 

Downloads Pause - resume
24x7 Customer Support
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